June - July 2019 ~ First prototype

Eval, tone.js and an checkoxbased input visualization for rhythm

Feb ~ May 2021 ~ Second Prototype

    Save feature
    Added Samples
    Moving to riot javascript
    Fix for not mounting
    Refactoring codebase
    Added sphinx
    Added number and monitoring for knob
    Added clock
    Changed Theme
    Observers and Misc Libraries
    New sections
    Fix for crackling

June - July 2021 - Demo

    Theme changes
    Lots of Docs
    Working visuals
    Code Mirror Issue

Oct - Nov 2021 - ADC21

    Updated the sequencer notation
    Second Demo Song
    Keyboard Bindings
    Reverting to setInterval
    Added code for p5
    Update the docs

Jan - Feb 2022

   Experimenting with Audioworklet